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The May 23rd launch has also been cancelled

In accordance with CDC recommendations, National Association of Rocketry guidelines and a Sacramento County Public Health Order we have also canceled our May 23rd launch (which would have been our first May launch in probably 10 years).

Summer Hiatus

Well, our 2019 - 2020 season was officially cut short due to COVID-19. We spent the last half of the season reading way too many recommendations and guidelines and health orders and not enough time flying. We are assuming things will be for the most part "normal" by the time the next launch season rolls around, but like any good rocketeer we're also exploring ways to make the signup, check-in and launch process safer from a personal contact perspective... just in case.

As usual, weather permitting of course, we're aiming for having our next launch event in the fall at Gibson Ranch Park. Over the summer months, we are planning to have general club meetings, club officer elections, and of course equipment maintenance events so stay tuned to these pages.

And finally, many thanks to our club members and guests for participating in our launch events this season. You make our launch events possible through your financial support. And of course a huge Thank You to our range duty volunteers and club officers. Running a launch event is not an easy task so without you, there would be no launch events.

Season totals

2019 - 2020 Season

Date Low Power Mid Power Total
November 16th cancelled - weather
December 21st 78 24 102
January 25th 61 33 94
February 22nd 82 62 144
March 28th cancelled - COVID
April 25th cancelled - COVID
May 23rd cancelled - COVID

2018 - 2019 Season

Date Low Power Mid Power Total
November 10th cancelled - weather
December 8th 71 11 82
January 26th 87 31 118
February 23rd 70 52 122
March 30th 113 61 174
April 27th 126 41 167
May 25th cancelled - weather

Launching at SARG

All you need is a model rocket and some motors! We have the pads, rods and electronics to get your model rocket in the air. At Gibson Ranch we can handle "low-power" (motor sizes "A" thru "D") and "medium power" (motor sizes "E" thru "G") rockets. Sorry, no high power motors of any kind.

Launches are generally from 10:00 am thru 2:00 pm with setup starting at 9:00am. Any help with setup and teardown is always appreciated.

Our ceiling at Gibson Ranch is 1500' above ground level. Yes, this means we still may not allow you to fly that "G" motor if we think you'll break our ceiling.

Non members are are always welcome but must sign a RELEASE FORM before launching. All fliers need flight cards filled out for each flight. Flight cards are available both at our launches and on our download page. Our non-member launch fee for individuals is $10 and $25 for groups.

TARC groups always fly for free.

Please note that Gibson Ranch charges $5 for parking.

Getting Started

If you are new to model rocketry, please review the California Code of Regulations for Model Rocketry.

You may also visit our Resource Page for helpful hints on building and flying model rockets. Our Vendors Page offers a comprehensive list of local and online vendors.

Contact Us

Section Officers

Vice President


Equipment Manager
Youth Groups Liaison


MembersWant to launch rockets for free? SARG membership costs $25 per year for individuals or $30 per year for families. Family membership covers all family members of any age. Membership allows you to fly rockets at our launches for free as well as vote in our elections -- and yet still helps us pay for the equipment that we use to conduct our launches.

Membership is open to everyone who wants to participate in this fun and safe hobby. Many of us are what our hobby calls "born again rocketeers." We caught the bug as kids during the peak of the space race but left it behind as we grew older. When the kids and grandkids came, the fire was rekindled. We also have many young members who teach the old dogs new tricks with their mastery of building. We are a very social group and enjoy chewing the fat at the launches almost as much as flying rockets. So come to our next launch and check us out. Chances are, you'll get bit by the rocketry bug as well!

Sign up at any SARG launch! You can print out a membership application HERE

We also highly recommend membership in the National Association of Rocketry or the Tripoli Rocketry Association.

Mailing Lists

We have two mailing lists to keep folks up to date, both hosted by Google Groups. You can subscribe to them by clicking on the links below.


SARG launches are on the fourth Saturday of each month. Check the main page of our website the day before each launch to check the status.

Other (local-ish) Rocket Clubs

Launch Site

The primary SARG launch site is at Gibson Ranch Park, in the north-west corner of the park (in the "overflow parking area").

The Basics

  • Our non-member launch fee is for individuals $10 and $25 for groups. This is a one-time fee that covers all flights. Non-members must also fill out a RELEASE FORM.
  • Our flight ceiling at Gibson Range is 1500' above ground level.
  • Gibson Ranch Park charges a $5 parking fee.
  • We are extremely fortunate to have access to this property.
  • Anyone violating the rules below may jeopardize their right to return.
  • Anyone not respecting the property will be asked to leave and will not be invited back.
  • Visitors / observers are welcome. Please understand that rocketry, even when all safety codes are followed is a potentially dangerous activity!

Rules of the Range

  • At Gibson Ranch Park we allow only low and medium power rockets. No exceptions.
  • Keep children under control at all times. There are several small "ponds" in the general area.
  • Never catch a descending rocket.
  • Leave absolutely no debris of any kind behind when you leave.
  • Park only in designated areas.
  • No smoking at any time.
  • Do not cross barriers to launch field unless directed by Launch Control Officer (LCO).
  • Observe all posted range rules or verbal instructions of a SARG officer or launch committee member.
  • All NAR rules apply.

Youth Outreach

Skip The members of SARG recognize the educational potential of model rocketry and stand ready to fully support the area's youth groups looking for a safe place to launch their model rockets. Our launch equipment is capable of handling 8 low power rockets at a time, so we can handle large groups easily. Our group fee is $25 which gives every member of the group unlimited launches for the day. For additional information, contact our Youth Group Liaison Officer.


  • Contact us when you plan to participate in a launch so that we can expect you.
  • You bring the kids, rockets, and motors. We supply all of the launch equipment.
  • To save time, download some flight cards from our download page and have them filled out before launch day. You will get through the safety officer and onto the launch pad quicker.
  • Bring water, snacks,and sunscreen. On hot days, an E-Z up will be useful. There are no trees on the launch field (they like to eat rockets, so we avoid them).
  • In addition to the low power launches, some of our members will be launching mid power rockets as well, so be prepared for a show.
  • Review the MODEL ROCKETRY SAFETY CODE with your group members before the launch day. You can find the club rules on the LAUNCH & MEETING SITES tab above.


All forms are always available at the launches.